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Hints and Allegations
(an Angels in the Architecture production)

Hi, my name is Chrissy.  Once upon a time, I had a website.  It was gaudy and pink and I thought it was lovely when I was, oh, seventeen.  Then, it broke and I stopped being able to fix it, so I decided to leave the sad shell of a site up for my old fic (you can see it, if you want to, at the "Angels in the Architecture" link above) and make a new one for any of my new stuff, with a much simpler design (read: I am too lazy to make it look pretty).  I'm also caving to the fact that people on the internet like to read their fic on normal black on white pages, though I am still subjecting you to my personal preference of white on black here.   In the interests of full disclosure, the title of this page and the one before it are from Paul Simon's "Call Me Al."

I don't write much anymore; what I do write is both Real People fic and Fake People fic, het and slash and gen, G and NC-17, so on and so forth.  If you would like to e-mail me about anything, please do so at storiesuntold at gmail dot com. 


Untitled Steve Yzerman retirement fic - PG, Yzerman/Devereaux. Set in the Beautiful Child universe.  It had to come sometime, and that day in July, it did.

Stargate: Atlantis
Surcease- PG, Ronon/Teyla pre-het.  Ronon can't seem to get used to stopping.  Writte pre-"Sateda"
One Conversation that Didn't Happen (Except for the Part Where it Did)- PG, Sheppard and McKay gen.  For the SGA_flashfic exhaustion challenge.  John and Rodney talk.  Spoilers for "Trinity" and "Grace Under Pressure."
In Front- PG-13, Zelenka/Dex, McKay/Sheppard.  For the "high school AU" prompt for wtf_27.  John Sheppard is going to make not joining the Air Force worth it.
Jana- G, Zelenka gen.  For the "mpreg" prompt for wtf_27.  This amazing, miraculous creature inside of him.
Refuge- R, Ronon/Teyla.  Set right after, and thus massively spoiling, "Sateda."  He needed to go somewhere warmer.

A series of ficlets I started writing based on words that I found interesting.  Multi-fandom goodness.
Recidivism- Nip/Tuck, R, Christian/everyone.  Habitual or chronic relapse or tendency to relapse.
Plurality- NCIS, PG, McGee gen.  The condition of being plural or numerous.
Schadenfreude- Sports Night, PG, gen.  Pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.

Original Work
The Door- First written in late 2004, final revision 5/05.   Maybe you are a princess, but your own kind.
Owner's Manual for Social Phobia- Written in spring 2005.  That's what this is, don't you understand, this is a life sentence of dishonesty.