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Title:  Jana

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me and I am not profitting from this story.
Warning: mpreg.  sorta.

Carson just could not explain it.  He ran the scans ten times, backwards and forwards, did every test he knew, and it still came up the same.  Radek was pregnant.

After the first few days of shock, Radek didn’t care about the why or the how.  It had happened, there was nothing left but to deal with it, move on.  It actually helped the morning sickness not to fret anymore, to just take a deep breath and deal with it.

Three months in, he felt the first kick, and he was just gone.  He didn’t like children, not really, but there was something moving inside of him and it was absolutely the most amazing thing in two galaxies. 

He watched his belly grow round, felt the cartwheels of the baby, waited with intense excitement for the day where he’d finally get to meet this amazing, miraculous creature inside of him. 

He remembered nothing of the birth, noticed nothing of the pain of the c-section after Carson placed his daughter in his arms.  He named her Jana, God’s gift.  He held her, and though he knew it was biologically impossible, he could have sworn she looked into his eyes and…and….

“Radek!  Radek, wake up!”  Carson’s accent was thick with panic, and as Radek struggled towards consciousness, he saw the look of panic and relief on the doctor’s face.

Rodney leaned over him.  “Well finally.  Took you long enough.”

Radek pushed himself into a sitting position.  “What…”

Rodney cut him off.  “The Fasians have this…device thing, I don’t know how it works yet, so don’t ask me, but they had this thing, and they grabbed you after Ronon shot that stupid kid, something about their legal system and the punishment for murder, I don’t know, but I was just now able to get you out, using my incomparable genius, of course their technology was no match for me, got it in under an hour….”

Radek tuned him out, trying to piece everything together.  He remembered it now, remembered their party being shot at, Ronon shooting back but….had it really been….

In the days and weeks to come, Radek would find out more.  It was the Fasian sentence for murder, a program to make the killer feel the pain he’d imposed on another.  Radek had just been the easiest person to force to take Ronon’s punishment.  The young man he’d shot had been someone’s child, so the idea was that Radek would experience the loss of his own child. 

Rodney had stopped the program before it reached its end, but Radek wasn’t sure that changed the effectiveness.  He woke up at night with his hands over his stomach, waiting to feel the kick that was never going to come.